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helpwithhouse started this conversation
Im just a very caring person,I help with humaine soc.I never pass a can held out if its only a a widow.I have diabetic neuropathy. that effects my hands and feet. but i am strong and keep on hoping that some how this old house will be fixed.what hurts is i have grand children I cant bring here.and enjoy.I been hiding this for 8 yrs.if you would meet me,you would never know my home is in this shape,i had a nice home till my mom passed on in 2001,ive tried hud. they dont fix homes. so i came here and im easy to get along with i love people .and i love helping.Hope is the way i make it day to day.I even hated to come on here to ask. but i found this site.thank you for taking your time to read my story. and have hope maybe your dream will come true .
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